Generation C’s demand for privacy: Social media is evolving

The meaning of privacy is evolving – it seems that the younger generation does value privacy, but not in the same sense that the older generations have. Privacy, for younger people, is reflected in their demand for technological media that limit the access to information they are sharing to their social circle. Older, digitally-sensitive folk… Read More »

Adaptive Capacity

How ready is your organization for tomorrow? I think this is a wonderful short video outlining five critical aspects to ensuring an organization's 'fitness for survival' – namely, it's ability to react to changes in the marketplace and overcome difficulties. The five building blocks are: (1) Structure(2) Strategy(3) Talent(4) Culture(5) Purpose Okay, not too surprising… Read More »

Cell targeting

Cancer is certainly a dreaded condition. And this approach – targeting cancer cells with intelligent nanobots that recognize protein signatures and release the right drug in response – could certainly help provide a more beneficial treatment alternative. But what does the payload actually contain, and how accurate is the targeting mechanism? Creating an auto immune… Read More »

Effective personalized learning, but without personal information

Coming from Facebook, I'm quite skeptical on Zuckerberg's particular take on personalized learning. It looks like an attempt to monetize the immense data reserves held by Facebook with very little investment on learning outcomes. But at the same time, I think it is worthwhile to highlight the effectiveness of personalized learning as a tool that… Read More »

Intellectual property vs. the information ecosystem

Oh, no – this is particularly troubling. I can understand that content owners and creators want to profit from their work. But the proposed solution of telling search engines to pay out profits to content creators, is a doubly bad idea. An initiative that needs to be stopped, and replaced with a more intelligent and… Read More »

From DRM to Smart Contracts to CopyFair

As nice as a digital commons might be, I think that digital commons platforms today lack in one particular aspect embodied quite closely by 'CopyFair'. In the race for data ownership and data monetization, large corporations have built significant businesses around collecting data and works from users, and capitalizing on their productions – but not… Read More »